Health Action by People (HAP), Kerala Health Action People (HAP)
Health Action by People

Health Action by People (HAP) is a not-for-profit organization registered on December 1, 1993 (Registration No.747), under the Travancore Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Act (Act XII) of 1955. HAP works at the interface of health and development. It is led by a group of professionals sharing a common vision and ideal, that health is a key component in development, both as an input and as an outcome worth cherishing. HAP is in the forefront in health education, public health research and health policy interventions in Kerala.
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ProLife :: Population Registry of Lifestyle Diseases Saantwanam is a joint venture of HAP, Kudumbashree, Government of Kerala and State Bank of India. Pro Health PROBLEM SOLVING FOR BETTER HEALTH (PSBH)
Founder & Our Inspration

         Dr. C R Soman

Dr CR Soman (1937-2009), our founder Chairman, was a visionary, teacher, orator, writer and researcher.
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<< At present HAP is involved in various research projects both independent and in association with world-renowned academic institutions. >>

 << HAP also provides short-term consultancy services for various organizations. >>

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